A Vision of Care

This evening, I will introduce our vision of care to a team of caregivers who are indeed unsung heroes. I will begin with a prayer titled ‘Prayer for the Caregiver.’ I did not write this prayer but I believe the words are powerful and if read slowly and thoughtfully, can inspire perhaps those who never imagined they could be a caregiver. Prayer for the Caregiver Unknown and often unnoticed, you are a hero nonetheless, For your love, sacrificial, is God at his best. You walk by faith, in the darkness of the unknown, And your courage, even in weakness, gives life to your beloved. You hold shaking hands and provide the ultimate care; Your presence, the knowing, that you are simply there. You rise to face the giant of disease and despair, It is your finest hour, though you may be unaware. You are resilient, amazing, and beauty unexcelled. You are the caregiver and you have done well. Our vision is to create a legacy of care…across generations…one family at a time. Seventeen years ago I had a dream that someday I would be in a room of caregivers whom I could inspire by sharing my vision…..”To create a legacy of care across generations…one family at a time.” This evening I will have this opportunity, and I pray that the heroes I will be with will accept my vision and turn it into “their” vision that will change the way we all care in America. I can only imagine what it would be like if this vision made such an impact in our community that families would think twice before accepting a job that might take them a thousand miles from their own aging parents….simply because they could make more money. I can only imagine what it would be like if my own young children grew up living with and caring for their own grandparents. What if this field of caregiving became iconic like practicing law or medicine? Today, it is my dream that each and every caregiver that I work with will take extraordinary steps in providing care that friends, family, neighbors and strangers will stop and ask “how can I learn from you the unsung hero?”

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