A woman who exemplified care

For those of you who worked with Hilary, one of our beloved caregivers, I wanted to let you know that she passed away last week from cancer. Hilary was born in Belgaum, India in 1939, the daughter of Col. Gerald Sanders and Cicely (Wilson) Sanders. She attended Nursing School in Bristol, England, where she later worked as a nurse. While in Bristol, she met and married Peter Wood. Their journey together would later take them back to India, where they helped bring safe drinking water to rural India. They then moved to Madison, where she further developed her skills in the ancient art of Batik. In 1979, they moved to a farm in Blanchardville, which further expanded her appreciation for nature; animals, plants and birds. In the later part of her life, she enjoyed helping people at hospice and as a companion to the elderly. Hillary will be missed greatly.

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