Women Need Family Caregiver Support Resources

In 2015, the AARP found that twice as many women as men wanted some way to share their experiences in caregiving, a figure that shows the increasing isolation felt by caregivers as more people enter into caregiving roles. It can be difficult to find support for something that feels so personal, but we promise it’s out there. Here are just a few online, national, and Wisconsin-local resources for caregivers looking for a community:

Area Agency on Aging of Dane County

This agency runs the National Family Caregiver Support Program for Wisconsin, a program created through the Older Americans Act for caregivers nationwide. It’s focused on caregivers of seniors (people aged 60 or older) and the caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s or other related disorders. To find out when a nearby meeting is occurring, you can call (608) 261-9930. You can also subscribe to the Agency’s “Caring for the Caregiver” newsletter that publishes monthly.

Sauk County Caregiver Support Workshop

Last month, we covered this workshop that’s being offered in Sauk County for family caregivers looking to learn self-care techniques and strategies. It’s called “Powerful Tools for Caregivers,” and it will be offered April 19 through May 24. They recommend bringing a $10 donation, but it’s otherwise free.

Wisconsin’s Family Care Support – Interfaith Older Adult Programs

This organization provides counseling, support, and access to caregiving services for Milwaukee-area family caregivers. All of their resources are free and available to anyone who needs them. To schedule counseling or have any of your questions about their services answered, call (414) 220-8600.

Caregiver.org’s Family Care Navigator

Primarily for searching for caregiving services in your local area, this tool also provides resources for legal aid and advocacy, should you need it. You can also find support groups under the Services & Policies for Family Caregivers tab once you select your state.

Smart Patients Caregivers Community

This online portal allows you to find a caregiving community focused around the specific disorder or illness your loved one is living with. It has a ton of choices and allows you to sign up just for your specific community using your email address.

Facebook Groups on Caregiving

Daily Caring has put together a great list of 11 private Facebook groups with a tutorial on how to join them. Facebook is a great tool for finding and building a support network. Some groups are for specific disorders, like Alzheimer’s, while others are for baby boomers (the “Sandwich Generation”) or people who are caring for a narcissistic loved one.

Almost all of these are gender-nonspecific, so male caregivers should feel free to check them out, too! If these resources aren’t enough for you, then bookmark this page. We’ll be updating it as we find more local, online, and national support resources for family caregivers.

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