Hearing Loss and What it Might Suggest

This process of aging has some pretty long tentacles some of which reach out into areas that most people would not associate with aging-related issues. Hearing loss is one of those issues. At least for me. I have not associated the loss of hearing with any of the health-related issues of aging. Until I went to a conference where this topic popped up. And then a few articles appeared in Google News that suggested a link between hearing loss and the onset of dementia. As with so many other medical issues, I find the correlation not all that strong. As with so many other medical issues though, both the causative issues and the symptoms are both murky and overlapping. So definitive answers are hard to come by.

Here’s a link to one article on the link between hearing loss and dementia.

One more piece of the puzzle. One more thing to keep on our radar. Maybe one more thing that fits in with what you might see in your loved one. Here at Midwest we are aware of it and so are our caregivers.

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