Midwest Home Care Presents: An Interview with Margaret

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we present to you an interview with Margaret Bogue. Margaret, a client of ours, was one of the foremost researchers in the field of Great Lakes agricultural history. She was a professor emeritus of UW-Madison, starting her career in Wisconsin at the UW Extension in the history department.

There, she faced opposition from her male colleagues that required an immense amount of determination and perseverance to endure, two traits Margaret had in abundance. After obtaining a position at the UW proper, Margaret would go on to win numerous awards for excellence in teaching, becoming a six-time author of books on the Great Lakes and contributing research that would shape historians’ perceptions of the region.

In this interview, our care team supervisor, Nancy Jones, asks Margaret about her days at the UW, how she overcame her male colleagues’ refusal to take her seriously, and what advice she has for young women today. Please join us in honoring Margaret on the day of her passing and on the one day a year dedicated to women all over the world and their accomplishments. We’ll miss you, Margaret, and we are so grateful to have known you and had the opportunity to listen to your story.

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