Mission, Vision, Values


Our mission is to build an intergenerational community of care through education, advocacy, and support—working with clients and with families throughout all stages of their long-term care and personal journeys.


Our vision is to see a world where care is a calling and not just a business.


Quality of Care

No one should ever feel alone. Our goal is for each client and all family members to know they will be supported along the way. Every person comes with a history of life experiences, passions, fears, challenges, intellect and emotions. We take the time to understand these and create a legacy of care across generations, one family at a time.

Midwest Family Care pays particularly close attention to making the optimal match between client and caregiver taking into account their personalities and interests, and the skill set required to provide extraordinary care.

Whether its music, sports, current events, the arts or the joy of reading, we make effort to match the interests of our clients with a caregiver who shares a talent or passion for the same. Midwest care begins with a focus on connecting with the human spirit.

Consistency of Care

Knowing your loved one will consistently see their primary caregiver is not only important but, is critical in establishing trust and respect between caregiver and care receiver.

Along with establishing the best caregiver match, we assign one primary caregiver and at least one back-up caregiver to each of our clients.

The back-up is scheduled periodically such that they are well-versed with the care plan and can readily step in should the primary caregiver become ill or unavailable.

All caregivers are introduced to the client home by our Director of Care and training specific to the individual client prior to starting their journey together. The resulting relationship is one of mutual respect and trust.