Loneliness and its Effect on Aging Seniors

Aging brings to mind several issues with which we work on a daily basis. Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia being three of them. But one word does not necessarily come up that often and it is associated with aging. Loneliness. If one considers the context in which aging takes place, it becomes easier to see how loneliness fits with aging. Retirement, loss of partner, loss of hearing, death of friends, maybe even moving to a smaller house or apartment all can add up to a formerly full life suddenly becoming quiet and lacking in many of the good things that used to populate a happy day to day existence. Dr. Zorba Paster recently wrote about this issue in his column in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Here’s a link to Dr. Paster’s article in the October 10th issue of the WI State Journal –
Loneliness can be a deadly affliction

If nothing else, I think this article serves to remind me (and all us hopefully) that the best things in life are simple and free and hopefully part of the fabric of our every day lives.

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