Midwest Family Care CEO Treks from Madison to Whitewater on MS Charity Ride

At Midwest Family Care, our mission is “Care through Community.” To us, that means caring for our clients in the areas of care management, youth support services, in-home care, and assisted living.

RobertWeinkMS150RideHowever, our philosophy of care extends into local, regional, and national charities as well. We align ourselves with organizations that advocate for and support disenfranchised communities.

To that end, I participated recently in the MS 150 Ride 2018, a charity bike ride created to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS). More than 3,000 riders signed up this year united in a common cause: a world free of MS. I rode in honor of my friend Penny Graf, who lives with MS.

This bike ride was the most difficult bike ride I have ever completed. It required endurance far beyond what I expected, and I enjoyed the challenge of digging deep to overcome an obstacle.RobertWeinkMS150Route

During times of fatigue during this 150-mile ride, I was energized by the idea of supporting people, of creating awareness, and of raising money for MS research. This goal, as well as my fellow riders, kept me going through the ride. I was motivated also by the camaraderie of fellow bikers who live with MS.

I cannot imagine what it is like to live with multiple sclerosis, but I empathize with people who seek to achieve independence and agency in their daily lives.

RobertWeinkMS150Ride2I am grateful to everyone who supported me in this ride. I also want to thank the many volunteers and paid employees of the NMSS for running a very well-organized and inspirational event.

From organizers to participants to supporters, I was able to see the NMSS mission come to life: together we are stronger.

For more information about the MMMS, please visit https://www.nationalmssociety.org/


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