Midwest Family Care Kicks-off a New Recruiting Process: Evaluation for Performance

MFC Recruiting Emma CooperDid you know there is a nationwide caregiver shortage?

We are always reassessing and retooling our recruiting process here at Midwest Family Care. To that end, we are trying a new caregiver recruiting process here at Midwest Family Care, and our first session took place today. “Evaluation for Performance” is a group interview/on-boarding process that combines paperwork, company information, discussion, skills assessment, testing, and orientation with coffee, doughnuts, bagels, and snacks. Lots of snacks. 

Think of it as a corporate coffee shop where you leave energized, engaged, and possibly employed.

We are pleased to have a big group for our inaugural EVP session. In the above picture, recruiting coordinator Emma Cooper just put the finishing touches on our display/snack table.

According to recruiting.com, one of the roadblocks to home care recruiting is a complicated, slow screening process. Our EVP recruiters counter this challenge by giving candidates control, transparency, and education in the interview process.

If you are job hunting, consider a career in caregiving. It’s an applicant’s market!

For information about our next EVP event, email careers@midwestfamilycare.org

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