Midwest Home Care Celebrates Anniversary and Rebranding

The week of our 22nd anniversary, Midwest Home Care proudly announces our rebranding to Midwest Family Care, reiterating our commitment to building an intergenerational community of care in the Dane and surrounding areas. The transition to Midwest Family Care further reaffirms the company’s focus on providing superior care through professional care management services to our clients.

The rebrand has allowed Midwest Family Care to center our unique range of services within the home care industry as a part of our business. By providing in-home care for seniors, disabled adults, children, and teens, as well as an ongoing youth supervision and support service and the assisted living facility, Autumn Winds, Midwest Family Care is truly committed to serving families at all stages of life.

With a new name comes a new face, and Midwest Family Care’s new logo represents our many services and principles. The stylized tree—trunk, branches, and leaves—symbolize nature, family, growth, and life. The people-as-trunks imagery stands for strength, stability and structure (the supporting community of care), standing firm and withstanding the greatest of challenges. The new logo and colors demonstrate a reenergizing of the company, something both clients and employees can rally around.

Midwest Family Care logo

The goal of this rebranding is to exemplify our founder’s mission “to see a world without the business of care.” It is the company’s belief that care should be about families and communities coming together to be there for each other and that we should all teach and support each other through caregiving. We are dedicated to upholding this mission as it grows in presence and significance to our local community.

We welcome community feedback, so please let us know your thoughts by using the form below, and if you are interested in our services, please give us a call at 608-276-6000!

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