National Healthcare Decisions Day 2018 Emphasizes End-of-Life Care

Today marks the beginning of National Healthcare Decisions Week, which kicks off with National Healthcare Decisions Day. This year, the focus is on end-of-life care and the discussions centered around it, something we at Midwest Home Care are exceptionally well-versed in.

End-of-life care is a touchy subject among even the most stalwart of us. No one likes to think about their mortality or the mortality of their loved ones, but it’s a reality we all have to face. It’s always better to have the conversation before it’s too late and risk losing the opportunity to provide the most comfort and care possible. There are a few options for end-of-life care available to families and individuals, including:

  • in-home care
  • hospice
  • palliative care

When considering what’s right for the person needing end-of-life care, it’s important to respect their wishes and give priority to their needs, both emotional and medical. If they would rather remain in-home, there are plenty of ways to make that feasible, unless they are in danger or the home cannot support end-of-life care utilities. Out-of-home hospice is a wonderful alternative; if the person already has a professional caregiver attending to them, they (usually) don’t have to give up that relationship, and hospice services, like Agrace Hospice, can help mediate the care provided by a hospital or residential facility and provide grief counseling after the person has passed.

The NHDD website offers a few starter kits to help families start the conversation, whether it be with an aging parent or a terminally ill child, and the Wisconsin Medical Society has resources for addressing advance care planning. It can be a difficult topic to broach on your own, so we recommend going into it with a road map. Here’s a great video explaining the importance of advance care planning from Honoring Choices Wisconsin:

Midwest Home Care provides advance care planning services and facilitation. Our founder and director of care are both certified facilitators who can help you with end-of-life care planning for yourself or a loved one. Please give us a call at 608-276-6000 and ask for either Lynn or Robert for a consultation and information on advance care planning.


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