Governor Walker to Sign Two Bills Providing Aid to Alzheimer’s Patients

On April 3rd, thanks to the efforts of the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Association and other citizens of the state, Governor Walker will sign two bills that help guardians of adults suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and provide funding for Alzheimer’s awareness grants. AB 629 and AB 632 are triumphs in the fight to provide better care and treatment for Alzheimer’s disease while research continues for a cure.

Both bills were introduced in November of last year by multiple representatives on both sides of the aisle, and they both passed unanimously. AB 632 allows the state Department of Health Services to award grants up to $500,000 to promote Alzheimer’s disease awareness in rural and urban communities. The other, AB 629, gives Wisconsin courts greater freedom to communicate with other states’ courts regarding guardianship of adults across state lines. It makes it easier to transfer or create a guardianship for someone who lives outside of Wisconsin but has family in-state, and it makes it easier to pull together testimony for hearings regarding guardianship of an adult across state lines, giving Wisconsin courts greater freedom to request this information from out-of-state courts.

Both of these bills promote Alzheimer’s and dementia care in different but extremely necessary ways. If you’re looking for more information on Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, we have a few great resources for you to check out, and if you’re looking for care for a loved one with dementia, we can help. We staff dementia specialists and can provide in-home care for someone living with dementia who would benefit from staying in their home.

Our live-in retirement community, Autumn Winds, is another option we offer, and it is also staffed with dementia care specialists. Give us a call at 608-276-6000 to talk about care for your loved ones.

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