Youth Support

Midwest Family Care provides a range of services for youth and for families in the areas of respite, support, supervision, and care management. We partner with families, social services, and other health care and social service professionals in the community.

This program maintains a high staff-to-client ratio that provides intensive supervision and support for dually diagnosed youth, youth with system involvement, youth demonstrating potentially life-threatening patterns of behaviors like self-injury and eloping. Midwest staff is led by the treatment team and by Lynn Cooper, Director of Operations.

The Youth support team focuses on compressive wrap around support services designed to keep youth in their communityavoiding the need for inpatient hospitalization or for repeated short-term crisis interventions (which often require out-of-county or state placement). The outcome: individuals are able to maintain stability in their living situation while accessing treatment-like support in a safe environment.

Midwest Family Crisis Home

Midwest Family Care is in the process of opening a family crisis home. This facility will cater to youth referred by county-supported services, parents and guardians, Department of Family Services, Children Come First, community resources, schools, law enforcement, and other professional partners. These youths have been identified as needing out-of-home placement due to complex mental health histories, current family situations, an alternative to court-ordered detention, and reunification from out of home placements.

Our youth crisis home will provide respite for families, caregivers, or foster homes. We will provide a safety net to young people and their families when they need it most.

Crisis home staff will work with youth, social workers, supportive staff, and their families to address the immediate issues and to help provide long-term solutions. We strive to reunite families by developing and supporting a clear plan for continued stabilization.

The individual case plan will focus on individual needs such as communication skills, responsibility level, anger management, problem solving, respect for self and others, personal hygiene, social skills, and positive community interactions. These issues are addressed daily through redirection and through teaching appropriate behavior, and through individual and group support sessions. Academic success is also a strong focus of the home program.

The daily routine of the home is very structured with wake-up times, bedtimes, study times, meal and snack times, group times, and free time. Each resident can earn privileges which may include basic activities (games or television time). Other activities include fishing trips, picnics, swimming, miniature golf, bowling, movies, and activities.

During their stay, youth will receive:

• 24-hour supervision including bed-checks
• Crisis intervention
• Family meals and health snacks
• Clothing (if needed)
• A safe comfortable place to sleep
• A positive, productive, and healthy living environment
• Individual, group, and family-supported programming
• School support provided by staff in collaboration with the individuals school
• Youth development programs