Youth Support Specialist Amelie Trumbower Wins Midwest Family Care’s July Raffle

MIdwestFamilyCare_AmelieTrumbower Wins July Raffle at Midwest Family CareMOVIE ANNOUNCER VOICE-OVER: In a world…where Madison small businesses strive to reward their legendary employees, one company brought the silver screen to a golden basket.

Midwest Family Care is happy to announce Amelie Trumbower as the winner of our July raffle. This month’s prized included a $25 movie theater gift card, a water bottle, and a cast of candy counterparts.

In her role as youth support specialist, Amelie more than deserves the spotlight. Her dedication to clients, her incredible work ethic, and her positive attitude are second only to her outstanding work with children and her compassion for animals—especially horses.

Lynn Cooper, Midwest Family Care Director of Operations, describes Amelie as a “complete rockstar” who is constantly calm, collected, and compassionate.

“Your clients let me know almost daily how grateful they are for you,” Lynn commented on a Midwest Family Care’s Facebook Page post about Amelie.

Congratulations Amelie!

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